How I help

“There is no great writing, only great rewriting.” — Justice Louis Brandeis

After you’ve written your document, copy editing will save you from errors that can mar it, and enhance your message sometimes enormously so.

Every writing project quickly takes from the writer the ability to read his or her own words objectively. I take the reader’s view, seeing what you wrote, not what you think you wrote. If I’m unsure what you mean, I’ll query it. Otherwise, I’ll get on with clarifying and improving.

A copy editor clears stumbling blocks that could trip your readers. I’ll check the mechanics of your text (spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, sentence structure, word choice and voice) and spot overused phrases, repetition and ambiguity. If something makes no sense, I’ll say so (nicely) and help you express what you mean.

Your style will remain. You’ll be able to check every change and retain full control over the finished product.

Andrea helped with the relaunch of our website, Although we wanted our content to sound conversational, personal and relaxed, we did not want it to be grammatically incorrect. Andrea took to our writing style like a star, she did not change the feel of the content but turned it into a polished finished piece. I send everything to her now so that we maintain the polished, professional feel. Don’t leave it to chance, just do it, it is money well spent. 
Alana Collinson, Financial Independence

The value of formal training

Editing and proofreading are often left to someone in an organisation with a ‘good eye’. However, untrained editors miss many subtleties; I quickly realised this when I completed the New Zealand Writers’ College copy-editing and proofreading course. Read my story about one thing I used to consistently get wrong! Now you can count on me to make your writing lean, modern and correct.

Even good writers need a copy editor

I notice that the better the writer, the more they appreciate my work and its value. If you’re a good writer my service will cost you less because your work will be quicker to edit.