Services and pricing

I can polish your report, manuscript, proposal, application, brochure, presentation, important email or website. Science, medicine and finance are my specialities, and I love to put on my academic hat.

This is awesome. Thank you! I like to have a go at writing myself but I also know it isn’t perfect and sometimes people will notice that. Having someone like you to help me paper over those cracks is worth its weight in gold! 
Kayne Henderson, Insurance Adviser, Canopy Group

 Proofreading: NZ$65/hour 

I’ll check and correct your written work for grammar, punctuation and spelling. This is the ideal service for a final once-over, when you’re pretty sure everything’s exactly as you want it.

Copy editing: NZ$65/hour 

Copy editing goes deeper than proofreading, so it takes longer. Your writing will be proofread, plus I’ll suggest alternative phrasing for sentences if the clarity or ease of reading can be improved. I’ll check, correct and/or query the following:

  • sentence structure
  • consistency of voice
  • overused phrases and word repetition
  • ambiguity of meaning
  • politically incorrect or offensive language
  • URL links
  • formatting (the correct layout of titles, subheadings, paragraphs, etc.)

I welcome special requests, such as “Three of us wrote this, so the style differs between sections — can you unify the style?” Yes, I can.

If you’d like a free estimate for your project, please contact me. I’ll ask about your intended audience and overall aims, and we can discuss which service will suit you best.


P   +64 224 568 400 or +64 7 856 1575

More details for the curious

The number of pages I can edit per hour varies depends on the quality of writing and number of words per page.

If you’re an academic, I’ll especially enjoy working with you. I’ve published my own peer-reviewed papers (here and here), and my broad science knowledge means I can edit without introducing errors.

I happily work with international clients, including those for whom English is a second language. Depending on your location, I can sometimes edit while you sleep. I’m fully conversant with British and U.S. spelling and punctuation conventions.

I prefer to work in Microsoft Word, tracking changes and making comments where necessary. PDFs suffice for proofreading. I’ll adhere to a house style sheet if you provide one.