Most of us can write, but it can be tricky to get it just right. To be credible and professional, you want your message to be clear and articulate, and the mechanics of your writing to be completely correct.

I’m Andrea Graves, a careful copy editor. I free you to write, secure in the knowledge that I’ll be polishing your text to a professional standard. I’ll attend to the punctuation, grammar and word order, perhaps ask thoughtful questions about your meaning, and sometimes suggest alternative phrasing. You’ll receive an error-free, beautifully written document that leaves your style intact and is worthy of your audience’s attention.

I offer scientific and general editing and proofreading services, including manuscripts and dissertations, social media content, websites, books, media releases, emails, newsletters, information brochures, manuals and presentations for individuals, businesses and organisations.

Contact me if you need your writing to be checked and polished.

Brain power

Need an extra brain? Inky Fern unfurled with a good one. I will cast its powers over your work. I have a PhD in zoology plus years of experience in popular science writing, and strong interests in health and finance.

Andrea is an unbelievable talent. She is extremely skilled and professional. The highest compliment I can pay Andrea is that I would recommend her to all of my friends and colleagues who need a professional editor.
Landon Whaley, CEO of Whaley Capital Group

You have done such a fabulous job!! I’m so impressed with how you re-phrase my sentences so that they are less clunky and convey exactly what I was trying to say in the first place! That’s a real gift.

Bridgette Farnworth, PhD student

I’m loving what you have done. It is so much more powerful, succinct and fluid. Thank you.
Louise Clarke, author of Parenting the Modern Teen.